1460 Days of Resistance

The everyday rebellion of one woman

Day 10: Boycotts, Protests, and the Luxury of Time

Annually, March 8 is celebrated as "International Women's Day" and this year also a boycott that was supposed to be an all-out strike among women from work, school, commerce, and general engagement. Since the U.S. presidential election in 2016, more and... Continue Reading →


Day 9: The Democratic Party is out of Touch

I am as liberal as they come and I voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, but in hindsight, and with some dust settling, I am largely seeing how incredibly out of touch the Democratic Party is. But... Continue Reading →

Day 8: Using the F-Word

It's 2017; why is feminist still such a dirty word? I have identified, quite vocally for anyone who knows me, as a feminist for pretty much my entire life. I do not think that identity is shameful and I do... Continue Reading →

Day 7: Liberty and Healthcare for No One

I had the esteemed pleasure of using a walk-in health clinic and ER services last week in Park Slope, Brooklyn--literally the richest and whitest neighborhood in Brooklyn. It was, dare I say it, one of the worst medical experiences I... Continue Reading →

Day 6: Create Time to Create Change

It can be incredibly difficult to even have the energy to fight back when you feel incredibly defeated. But a large reason this feels like an overwhelming tasks is that it seems like it consumes such a large portion of... Continue Reading →

Day 5: Fighting for Social Justice as a Full-Time Job

I quit my job after just one month there in order to fully focus my efforts on fighting social injustice, with absolutely zero prospects for another job, and I have never felt more empowered in my life. Impulsive, maybe, but let me... Continue Reading →

Day 4: Beauty, Bodies, and Barriers

I remember reading Naomi Wolf's book, "The Beauty Myth," about 10 years ago and having a revelation about how we, as a society conceptualize value and beauty. This is an AWESOME book which delineates so many ways that beauty is... Continue Reading →

Day 3: White Male Privilege and the Art of Mansplaining

When Donald Trump was elected president, I began experiencing a very tangible feeling of rage towards white men. Every man who I passed on the street aimlessly window shopping or casually sipping a latte was enough to make the veins... Continue Reading →

Day 2 : Shock

I have never felt like my life was pointless before. I have always felt that the work that I do is meaningful, that I am changing the world by sharing my gifts, and that I matter. The day after the... Continue Reading →

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