I am as liberal as they come and I voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, but in hindsight, and with some dust settling, I am largely seeing how incredibly out of touch the Democratic Party is. But interestingly, I’m also seeing in the many efforts to defend a liberal agenda, most non-profits that work towards the rights of many marginalized groups are also, equally, out of touch. You are doing this all wrong because you aren’t listening. You have no idea what young people want and need and despite your claims otherwise, you are still pedaling a predominantly educated, wealthy, white agenda. So yeah, really missing the mark there.

As I’m sure many people did, post-election I signed up for a zillion email lists, Facebook groups, and other grassroots endeavors to give my time and energy to work towards causes that I feel passionately about. I hate giving out my email address because I loath the deluge of junk mail that ensues. But I thought that feeling would be altered because a new awakening was happening from political groups to non-profits alike, this was going to be a renaissance of grassroots organizing and people overpowering the systems that try to oppress them. Guess what? It super isn’t and these organizations are continuing to use the same old scripts and methods to somehow get a new result.

I have been a registered Democrat since 2008. I was registered as an independent before, but I lived in a state that limited participation in the primary elections unless you were a member of either major party (Democrats or Republicans). First of all, that’s a super fucked up rule and absolutely prevents independent candidates from progressing to possible presidential status, but I digress. So I caved and changed parties so that I could vote for Barack Obama. Until the 2016 election, I have never been politically minded or spend anywhere near the time and energy that I do currently learning about the functions and failings of government. The primary reason is because I really don’t feel like my personal efforts impact the government. Sorry, they don’t. I want people to vote and that’s great, blah, blah. But I think this election, more than ever, has pulled back the curtain on the fact that businesses and special interest groups control our government. Period. So even though I despise Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton would have been subject to the same pressures, as was Barack Obama, Bush, etc. But what is interesting is that in spite of the fact that they are flush with cash, they are still constantly asking me for money.

Hey could you give the Democratic Party money? Seriously? I can’t even afford fucking healthcare. So no, I am not going to give the Democratic party money. What happened to all that corporate cash you were able to drum up so quickly for Hillary Clinton’s campaign? I sincerely doubt that the Democratic Party’s greatest problem is a shortage of cash, because it isn’t. One thing that is a big problem is that the people who are doing their media and email campaigns are doing a terrible job. The formatting goes something like this: Donate NOW is pretty much at the top of any and all emails from affiliated Democratic groups, and then they reiterate the news to me which I already read like 2 days ago on a better platform than via email. And that’s all they give you; give us money, here’s a rundown of why our party is being victimized. Cool, what the fuck am I supposed to do with this? It isn’t engaging, it isn’t relevant, and it really doesn’t speak to most people. For a party that wants to be viewed as representing “the people,” they don’t seem to know people at all. There is no feeling of unity; it’s like, “give us all your money and we will go do all the work.” Which, by the way, totally isn’t happening anyway. Democrats do fucked up shit all the time, such as voting for legislation that lines their pockets from corporate donations. The Democrats also voted down a measure the other day that would ban corporate donations, so bitch please, don’t act like you are all innocent or that you are somehow superior to your Republican counterparts. You are all greedy fucks.

Even though I am not an outright Bernie Sanders supporter for the role of President, I do very much like the work he does on a senatorial level. I can get on board with Bernie now because he is excellent at listening to what people want and then helping them enact very tangible efforts to create change. He breaks down complicated issues in ways that males them more manageable, relatable, and universal. When was the last time we heard from Hillary Clinton? Uh, it’s been quite a while and she hasn’t done anything for the groups that she was allegedly championing during her campaign run. There are endless Hillary support groups all over social media, which is nice and very loyal, but honestly why are you spending so much time worshiping a person who literally vanished as a leader in the fight for social justices?

My act of resistance, is to resist the current established political system. I don’t think either party is actually that different–they might change the packaging slightly but it’s still essentially the same. Like what the fuck is the difference between a Mars Bar and  a Milky Way Bar? Nothing- same thing, different name!! Both groups have spent so much time trying to pull rug out from one another while our planet is being destroyed, people are dying fleeing from their countries, Americans have less quality of life do to less access to education, healthcare, and jobs that allow them to meet their needs. We are swimming in student debt, can’t find affordable housing, and are likely to have a lesser quality of life than generations before us. We need to stop trying to put a band-aid on this– it’s not working. And I can’t keep pretending that this two-party system represents anything I believe in, frankly. We need a third-party that includes everyone; all ages, all races, LGBTQI, all types of abilities, all education levels, people who have been incarcerated, Americans, immigrants; basically anyone who actually does uphold the ideals of a democratic nation. Neither Democrats nor Republicans represent that value as it currently stands.